NEMA Volunteers

NEMA prides itself on having a strong and dedicated volunteer base. NEMA wishes to acknowledge the ongoing generosity and contributions of our volunteers. It is their dedication, passion and support that will enable our organisation to thrive into the future. NEMA highly values the contributions of its volunteers and endeavours to provide them with as much support as possible.

Our volunteers support NEMA in any activities or projects that may be undertaken and we strive to match volunteers with tasks suitable to their skills and abilities. Volunteering with NEMA offers an opportunity to improve your skillset, increase your social activity, help the community and enhance your self-esteem. NEMA is flexible with volunteering arrangements - we understand that some people wish to volunteer a certain amount of hours per week, while others are content to volunteer on an 'as needed' basis.

Below are some testimonials from NEMA volunteers:

graeme prowd

 I have been volunteering at Nema since 2015. 

 I conduct Computer, smart phone and tablet lessons for our mature aged migrants, introducing them to new technologies.

 They tell me, now they can keep in touch with their children and grandchildren through Skype, facebook and other social media.

 I also help newer migrants with the Australian Citizenship test.

 Having travelled extensively, I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing life in other cultures.

I have been fortunate to meet many people from different cultures at NEMA and I enjoy the cultural events such as, Harmony Day and the various National day  celebrations from around the world. I really enjoy the food from around the world which is always an integral part of these celebrations.

Suree My name is Suree, I started to volunteer at NEMA in 2017.

I enjoy meeting all the people from different countries and really enjoy the cultural days and helping out at fundraising events like the Bunnings BBQ.

I am from Thailand and one of my volunteer duties is to help new arrivals from Thailand access the services of NEMA. I have also used some of the services like the computer classes and the citizenship classes. 

Whenever I can, I tell people about the wonderful volunteers at NEMA and the services they provide.

Susan Ingleton

I have been volunteering at NEMA since 2014. I began as an English teacher and have always appreciated the enthusiasm and dedication shown by the staff and volunteers.

NEMA is an organisation which genuinely cares for the members and clients but also cares for the staff.

I appreciate the foresight shown by the original committee in 2005 when the 5 shires came together to commence the North East Multicultural Association and I am now very privileged to be President of the Board of Directors. It is wonderful to see the board members all working together, using their individual knowledge and experience to advocate for and support the local Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities.

The projects that we are undertaking in 2019 are only possible because of the foundations laid by the early members and founding Board Members. I have made so many friends while working at NEMA and count it a privilege to have met you all.

Become a Volunteer

Membership is required if you would like to become a volunteer. Please contact the NEMA office for more information via phone: (03) 5721 2090 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A police check (provided for by NEMA) and 100 points of ID will be required for volunteers. 


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